Warden Fitness Studio, located above Naturel Therapies, provides yoga and pilates classes for all abilities.

All abilities are welcome to attend any of the classes, however it's advisable that you contact the respective instructors beforehand to ensure that there is a space available. Additional one to one tuition is also available at each instructors discretion. To book a class or discuss one to one options please select a day below and contact the instructor using the relevant phone numbers.



9.30am - 11am Iyengar Yoga

Instructor: Norah Phipps 01434 674249


1 To 1 Pilates (by appointment only, appointments available throughout day)

Instructor: Zena 07778514510


9.30am - 10.30am Mixed Ability Pilates

Instructor: Zena 07778 514510

11am - 12pm Mixed Ability Pilates

Instructor: Zena 07778 514510

12.15pm - 1.15pm 1 To 1 Pilates (by appointment only)

Instructor: Zena 07778514510

5.30pm - 7pm Iyengar Yoga

Instructor: Norah 01434 674249


10am - 12pm Hatha Yoga

Instructor: Gilly Thirlwell 07522653316

12.15pm - 1.45pm Hatha Yoga

Instructor: Gilly Thirlwell 07522653316


9am - 10am Mixed Ability Pilates

Instructor: Zena 07778514510

12pm - 1pm Iyengar Yoga

Instructor: Norah Phipps 01434 674249

3pm - 4.15pm Hatha Yoga

Instructor: Kathryn McHarg 07901564517


9.30am - 10.30am Intermediate/Advanced Pilates

Instructor: Zena 07778514510



Zena has 8 years experience and offers Level 3 Matwork Pilates and GP Exercise Referrals. Pliates is controlled movements seated on a floor mat using your central core muscles to provide stable and mobile movements from limbs. Like riding a bike with stabilisers on, becoming a proficent rider over time and not falling off. Zena's ethos is enjoying a good quality lifestyle and being able to move well with limited pain. You're only as old as your spine, so at 20 you can feel like 90 without the proper care and exercise. Regular Pilates over timehelps you move and feel better, so any injuries or issues relating to aging can become background music rather than loud concert music that drowns out the pleasure of living.

Contact Details: phone: 07778514510

CLASSES: TUES: 1 To 1 Pilates (by appointment only) WED: 9.30am-10.30am Mixed Ability Pilates WED: 11am-12pm Mixed Ability Pilates FRI 9am-10am Mixed Ability Pilates SAT 9.30am-10.30am Intermediate/Advanced Pilates


Elaine has been practising yoga for over 25 years. After experiencing first-hand the many physical and mental benefits of the practice she decided to take the plunge and train as a yoga teacher in 2020. Elaine's classes incorporate breathwork, meditation and relaxation, as well as the yoga postures which help to achieve balance in both body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety to create a feeling of wellness.

email: phone: 07516214351

CLASSES: THURS 5.15pm-6.15pm


B.U. Yoga, Yoga Teacher (300 hours)

Kathryn offers gentle somatic (felt sense) yoga. The classes are accessible to all. Practices include gentle movement, breathing practices, meditationand guided relaxation. Yoga Nidra and 1 day retreats also available


CLASSES: FRI 3.15pm-4.30pm


Gilly is an experienced, qualified yoga therapist and classical yoga teacher with over 25 years experience. As well as group classes she also offers individual yoga therapy, in person or on Zoom. Classes include: yoga postures and sequences for strength, flexibility and balance; breathing techniques to calm and energise body and mind; mindfulness and guided relaxation practices for inner peace.

Contact Details: email: phone: 07522653316


Thursday Hatha Yoga 10am - 12pm

Thursday Gentle yoga for wellbeing 12.15pm - 1.45pm


Iyengar yoga is named after BKS Iyengar with an emphasis on alignment and correct postures. When necessary, we use supports that enbale safe progression to suit our bodies. Classes are suitable for everyone, whatever ability, age, body shape, or level of flexibility. The classes are relaxed but we also work hard and focus on what we are achieving

Contact Details: email: phone: 01434 674249


Monday 9.30am - 11 am

Wednesday 5.30pm - 7pm

Friday 12pm - 1pm